August 7, 2011

Heart Sound

Sometimes .. maybe you feel like I do not care about you ..
Because I fear you feel 'Disgust' with me ..

but, believe me ..

even a very small thing that happened to you ..

Please! tell me. I want to know everything .

I want to take care of you ! every single minutes..

and please.. teach me how to deepen your heart ..

Okay! I'm not like Seth Tan! romantic man .. he can buy flowers to her lover every day ..but I cant. I'm not afford.

I also do not like Rocky Balboa! a strong boxer. and a great man ..He can protect you at all the times.

and I'm not Fahri! a man of righteousness and good in religious law!

I'm just a ' Weird Person'. err... err... as always you say ..

But ! I will try the best as long as I can do. Believe It
I will try to decorate a beautiful garden green for you!
and reconcile your mood in the morning.
so that , the long chair in our garden is no longer empty as always ..

P/s : Gua pon boleh buat puisi orang-orang putih ni lar! mau lawan sama shakespere! Hee..


Izzu Ddin said...

semakin puitis su ni..hehe

mira maisara said...

kenapa makin jiwang?

Black Jeepsu said...


Aku saja practice BEL! hahahah

mana tau boleh score A+++

datentemah said...

hahaha...bagus r su, boley dpt A++++ utk bel ni...ehehe:)

Black Jeepsu said...

rajin3.. la baca aku.. boleh improve kn orang putih skill ampa..

one_ny said...

btul uh...
bleh improvekn bel skali
improvekn care nk brsjak dpan
awek or pkwe kn..hehehe

Anonymous said...

Sue nie yg bt aku syg ko lebih LOVE U dam sooo much...hahahahaha

Black Jeepsu said...


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