February 21, 2012

Evening Hope

Ini entri syok sendiri : jangan baca kalau tak nak r menyesal !

Now, The skies blue. blow up my mind. shut up ur mauth! wat are u talking about? wat are u try to tell the world actually? world become lonely after me. myself, my body loss of hope since two weeks praktikal session. Oh God.. can you help me? i want to full fill full fill my evening. my waste product time. create me the Obsession of washing machine. so that i can go and take my piece-piece-piece of my cloth. throw in that washing machine. throw money to the hole and spring that machine. then i want to go to my lovely bathroom. i want to take a shower. a soap and to soap my dry body skin , membranes and also my tissue body. i want to clean up my table study. my bed. too much lying wif blanket and toto. also my lantai. i want to sapu it. open my window, to give chance for Air particles drift in to every corner of my bedroom. after that all i tell the world was happen in my bedroom. im swear ! i will having dinner alone this night! yeah! now. im need to out! to full fill full my hopeness..

6.51 pm - After Call

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