October 2, 2010

Need For Speed:Most Wanted

Hello guys! I am Josie Maran. music playing

My engine roar at dusk. black jeepsu quotes

I need for speed! I need for speed! like extacy pills
I need for bounty ! I Need to crush ! and I need NOs
As a life pursuit!

I want to hit the road divider.Speeding on the highway
Came on police cars-hit me and ahhh!
Dont forget to collect your strongest team members!

Let Me..
Destroy all toll counters!
Broke all the local recreation building!
Damage their property!
Collapse all the existing!
And keep it as a beautiful experience!
All we need is just speed! speed! speed!

speed can change the direction of the highway!

Oh Man! its so cool!
Black list my name right now
This is a tournament and honor
As a proud son of the street racer!

Now,you see
This is my face
the face that you always hate before!

Hey guys!
Forget all your fear this evening.

Come with me
Come with speed
Face all your fear
On the highway

Starts now! 1 2 3 go!!!

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